Cigar Press premiered in June of 2007.  It was founded in Los Angeles, California by Thor Nielsen, who currently lives in and produces Cigar Press out of Miami, FL.   It can be found in cigar shops around the United States in all 50 states as well as other countries and cities such as Canada, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Great Britain, Brazil, Hong Kong, among others.

Cigar Press is undoubtedly a fresh approach to cigar-related print media.  Everything from content to design is unique and approached with innovative style.  Nothing is like Cigar Press.  Cigar Press Magazine is just as much of an expression as each unique blend and individual in the industry.  We harness art and creativity, viewing cigars in the same light.  We feel that the pages written and designed about them should be seen and presented in the same way.

Cigar Press Magazine is the new voice for cigar related print media in the industry.  While we appreciate the traditional aspect of the cigar industry, we are not always traditional in our own approach or style.  Cigars are not just a luxury item and we don’t pretend that it is.  It is a thing of the past to believe that only the powerful, wealthy, old men smoke cigars.  It’s a new generation, and a new level of appreciation.  We focus on cigars and appreciate cigar smokers regardless of what they do or how much money they make. We represent all classes of cigar culturalists, from the factory worker to the Corporate CEO.  All walks of life smoke cigars and we speak to everyone.

Cigar Culturalist [si’gar kul-ch-erel-ist] n.
One who embraces the ideas, customs, and social behaviors of the premium cigar

Cigar Press aims to provide unparalleled quality and truth in its photography, cigar tasting reviews journalistic, and artistic integrity.  We dive into the cultural aspect of the countries and people who are involved in the cigar business.  Each issue of Cigar Press is focused from beginning to end while being visually bold and daring.  There will never be any unnecessary material or design for the sake of filling up page space.  Each issue can feature interviews, factory tours, cartoons, products, cigar art, and other cigar-related subjects that the reader finds useful and entertaining.  Other topics will vary from issue to issue, but will cover matters of interest to cigar hobbyists.  Beer and brewery tours can be found in most issues as well as travel features, events, cigar scene coverage and much more.  We are innovative in design and style.  Our mission is to educate our readers by engaging them in content while visually stimulating them.