Padilla Studio Tobac

August 4, 2011

Big perfecto shaped cigar that has an oily wrapper with a lot of tooth, and a sweet earthiness on the pre-light smell. Right after lighting the cigar there is an intense chocolate aroma that develops as the cigar burns into the full ring gauge. A full body hits pretty quick in the stomach and reaches outward, mellowing and letting more of the flavors stand out. A complex cigar that has a lot of rich notes; pepper spices, earth, cinnamon and cocoa, always changing on the palate. There is a creamy texture with the smoke and spices in the aroma, especially when blown through the nose. The creaminess intensifies and the cigar consistently develops it’s character. Full body with full complex flavors. The cigar lit easily and the draw opened nice and evenly as it burned. Excellent overall burn that really didn’t really need any touching up. Produced a long and tight ash that needed to be pulled off of the cigar.


Average Voted Rating: A+

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